Well that was meh.

NANIGANS FOR YOUR BROWNBOTTLE FLU: Science explains scapegoating, 3D printers get serious, messing with genetics, moose...Moose...MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE, pink pistols and rotten timing, it's o.k. to be smart, the consequences of cutting in line, kids these days, the best new music of the week and loads more.  

SUPERYAWN: When you really aren't connected to either team involved, a less than exciting match-up leads to a ho-hum entertainment experience. Manning's last drive seemed inevitable. Even the commercials were mostly meh. And Madonna? Yeah, she's in great shape but it was all spectacle and no soul. Boring. Of course I am more than willing to admit that maybe I just wasn't into any of it.


CURRENT MUSICAL OBSESSION: Shearwater will release their new LP Animal Joy On Valentine's Day. I have been listening to this on repeat for about a week and a half. The whole album is absolutely fantastic.

HERE'S AN IDEA: Just change the rules. Let everyone dope up legally and let them run roughshod over each other. It might actually be more interesting.

DAPPER ACCESSORY OF THE DAY: What every discerning beat-reporter absolutely must have.



SCAPEGOATING FOR DUMMIES: Science takes a look at the "thrill" of blaming others for our own mistakes. Apparently we've been doing this since the "dawn of mankind." Then there's this!

PINTEREST: Oh, that explains it.

THIS IS HELPFUL: Want to extend the life of the food you bring home from the market? Don't put it in the fridge. At least not all of it. I learned some new tricks here.



MISADVENTURES WITH GENETICS: What could possibly go wrong?

MURICA! Uh, this probably isn't the best time for this to be making the rounds. Because when you think about women's health, hand-guns immediately come to mind.

SO THIS HAPPENED: 3D printers are officially practical. I've been watching the development of this technology with s healthy degree of skepticism. Up to now these printers have been making, for the most part, curiosities. But a working jaw? This is fairly impressive.



TAYLOR SQUARED: I give up. I can't tell the difference. Huh.

ST. BERNARDS ON PARADE: Is it bad that all I can think about it all the poop that is about to happen?


UNLEASH THE KRAKEN! I'm sure there's nothing at all unwise about this. Nope. Nothing at all.

NIFTY: When you embark on your career as a crafter, make sure you find time to make a few of these!

SITE OF THE DAY: It's OK to be smart.

NIGHTMARE FUEL: I'd love to follow this woman around the local farmer's market.



OH THAT'S NASTY: I'm beginning to worry about the new girl.

CONSEQUENCES: If there's one thing people don't like, it's someone who cuts in front of the rest of the line.

IT'S ALL GREEK TO THEM: Or in this case, Roman. Kids these days don't quite understand all those letters surrounding yesterday's big game.

NOT PICTURED: The crane.


I get the idea this will not be the last time he ends up in this position, if you know what I mean.