Ground Control to Major Tom.

WORDS...we've lost ours: (source)

From the photographer:

My eye caught a dark form lying on the river bottom. It took me a few moments to comprehend what I had stumbled upon. Lying peacefully in the shallow waters of the river, only a few meters from shore, was a full-grown cougar. The contrast between the serenity of the scene I was witnessing and what must have played out here in the cougar’s final moments made me shiver. It was the first shiver of many, as I stripped down and waded out into the icy water to get this shot.

ON SECOND THOUGHT, NEVERMIND: Apparently the woman who came up with the idea of Mother's Day wasn't especially fond of what happened to it.

DAYUM NATURE, YOU SCARY: Feelin' Minnesota? Because, yikes.



WE SEE DUMB PEOPLE: The munchies edition. Then there's this.

NICE DOC YOU GOT THERE GOVERNOR: So many jokes, so little time. Also, ick.

THE GREAT IRS CONTROVERSY: Perspective might be useful right about now. So we'll start with this. And we'll add this. Yes, this is an indefensible story about decisions made by a few employees there. But it's not really worth the hullabaloo given recent history. So, let's roll some heads and move on.



SERIOUSLY...why do people even fly if they have a somewhat decent alternative? Because at this point, it's just bullshit. There, we said it.

GOT GRAMMAR SKILLZ? Willing to put them to the test?

MAPPING THE H8: This is both interesting and discouraging and sad and pathetic. Surprisingly, thenanigans little corner of 'Murica is not a hot spot. So, hurray?



DAYUM NATURE, YOU SCARY PART TWO: The Gods are about to go all Popocatepetl on Mexico. This is not a good thing.

PARTY! Well this is one way to spend an evening. Good times, good times.

WHAT. THE. HAMBURGERS? This is, uh, er, wow. Just wow. People, as a rule, can be pretty effed up.


International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield has been sending some pretty interesting and educational videos back to Earth. This is his fitting final performance. For us this began with trepidation and "oh no, what's going on here" but by the end we were charmed.