Putting the GIF in TGIF!

PUTTING THE GIF IN TGIF: Fridays are always animated 'round these parts! Zombies in Africa, deluded politicians, the spider-milker, intelligence and prejudice, misadventures featuring frat dudes and super heroes, a new VW for less than a c-note, fun with Facebook, the importance of a good adhesive, marketing mishaps and loads more. Seriously, it's packed in here. YOU CANNOT OUTRUN THE CONE OF SHAME:

you cannot outrun the cone of shame.(source)

JOB OF THE DAY: The black widow spider silk harvester. Gracious.

BOOM-YA! Frat dudes are not always the smartest kids in the room. Especially when they lawyer up. This is something. BONUS: Fireworks and bodily orifices are at the center of this misadventure.

KEYSTONE PIPELINE: When you hear about all the jobs that will be created with this controversial pipeline, understand that this is just a whole lot of baloney.




MYRMECOPHOBIA: Ever since I saw this movie as a wee lad, I've had a very uncomfortable relationship with ants. This isn't helping me one bit. Not one bit at all. High hopes my ass. They're goal is nothing less than world domination. 

SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF THE DAY: Politics, prejudice and intelligence. There might just be an interesting correlation between the three and conservative ideology. You can get some analysis here.

WINTER FUN ACCESSORY OF THE DAY: Who knew VW made sleds? This looks like a whole lot of fun. I'm game!



THIS IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS: Here's a compilation of 20 grammar mistakes that almost everyone gets wrong. For the record, I've bookmarked this for easy reference.

BUT WILL IT BE SERVED AS "SQUAB"? The priciest pigeon ever.



FUN WITH FACEBOOK: This is puerile and naughty and I laughed out loud. I am not proud of this. And if you are a prude, you probably shouldn't click the link but you probably already did.

APP OF THE DAY:  I've been looking for a good fitness app for my iPad.  I shall be purchasing this later today. It will be a nice supplement to my weekly sessions with my trainer. Plus, the guy is so dapper!

WHAT A WAY TO GO: Trust me, just click this.



WHAT THE HELL? So now they're just arresting people they don't like? There had better be repurcussions from this stupidity. How's that job agenda working out fellas? Anything?


WHY DOES THIS NOT SURPRISE ME? I guess I would have figured this would have happened in Canada.

ZOMBIES IN AFRICA: The Dead, available February 14th.

WHOOPS: BMW steps in it big time with their latest promotional marketing gimmick.

IDUNNO: I get that people really love their Apple gizmos (myself included) but I kind of think it's weird that people buy wireless keyboards for their iPads (uh, laptop envy?) and other add-ons for their iPhone. Here's the latest addition to the latter. I admit it's kind of sort of interesting and possibly practical.Ok, I'm sort of intrigued. I might want.

THE AFTERLIFE: I've always thought I would donate my body to science. This doesn't change my opinion one little bit. It's kind of rock and roll.



STFU OF THE DAY: I imagine that this teen will receive more than she bargained for.  There is a reason why there is a stigma associated with home-schooling.

NOT YOUR NORMAL GOLF HAZZARD: If you lose a ball in the water, let it go man. LET IT GO. Wow. Just wow.

OH THAT'S NASTY: Always follow manufacturer's directions.



A DAPPERED DIVERSION: Superbowl Style - if the participants were clothes. As if I needed another reason to love this place.


SPEAKING OF THE BIG GAME: The NFL is already worrying about the big game coming up four years from now.

THE SEARCH FOR SIGNS OF INTELLIGENT LIFE: Scientists are finding more and more so-called Earth like planets that could be home to life. Here's the latest discovery.