Putting the GIF in TGIF!

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts. BUSINESS IN THE FRONT...


NETFLIX THIS: We've seen this a couple of times now. It is a really well done indie Sci Fi movie with something of a heart. It is beautifully filmed. It has admirable special effects. It's worth 94 minites of your time.

HEY FUZZY FACE: If you, like us, are considering losing your winter facewarmer, think again.

SIGN OF THE TIMES: There are many reasons why this is happening. The blame can be spread far and wide. But it is one more example of how we are not doing ourselves (or those who will be responsible for our future) any favors.



FOOD = FUEL: This is something our good friends over here are always reminding us. For those of you who are looking for meat-free options when it comes to protein, this right here is exceptionally helpful. Huge thanks to our pals over here for the tip.

HERO OF THE DAY: More stories like this please.

D'OH! A diamond in the gut.



BEST. SUMMER JOB. EVER: This guy is living the dream.

FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF...no shit Sherlock. Seriously, someone paid for this study.

CONSEQUENCES: In our continued search for the cheapest goods imaginable, we are wreaking havoc far and wide.



SPINNING WHEEL OF DEATH: Have you picked up a virus from your adventures on the world-wide-waste of time? Are you cheap the frugal sort? You might want to venture on over here.

THIS, EXACTLY: Gee, ya think? This is pretty much indefensible.

IF YOU DON'T TIP YOUR FOOD SERVER: You are kind of a douche. No offense.