Have you ever seen an cephalopod dance the Can-Can?

ROCK AND ROLL R.I.P: This is sad news. Christina Amphlett of The Divinyls has died. She was just 53. An Acerbic, iconic and trailblazing performer, she had been suffering from multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. We had worked with Christina (as one of the team that helped the band get their biggest hit) - she was fierce and funny and she will be missed. While the band was known most for  "I Touch Myself", this remains our favorite song of theirs.


IF YOU CAN'T HELP THEM...ship them out of state. To be fair, this happens all the time (Utah was caught doing the same thing before their Winter Olympic games).

DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT GEOGRAPHY: Confusion and the consequences of ignorance.

MEANWHILE...in Waco, they're still waiting.



WAXING AND WANING ON YOUR WRIST: For those times when you need to know the current phase of  our favorite near space satellite.

WALL STREET IS AT IT AGAIN: This time they are making it harder for the middle class to buy homes. 

NERD ALERT: These almost make us want to tease fate on a motorcycle. Almost.

GOOD FOR WHAT AILS YOUR SOUL? We're pretty sure this is not what the makers of acetaminophen had in mind when they created it. But, hey: BONUS!



THIS, EXACTLY: Aside from the fact that Budweiser's new hourglass can is an obvious novelty, we couldn't find any other reason to hate on it (aside from, of course, the beer itself), but then we found this. AS IF.

EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION: And often it is based on wonton stupidity.

INTERACTIVE UNDERPANTS: Coming to a torso near you? Yeah, we're sorry for that.


WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. We really, really don't like this man.