The Harold Effect and the faking of the O.

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FOOD FOREST: A neighborhood in Seattle is growing their own. This is so cool we can't even stand it.

YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE: Bankers are learning the hard way that while they have been able to get away with tanking the economy, not everyone is giving them a free pass. We approve of this. Especially when it happens in our town.

WAIT, WHAT? Well, uh, wow. This is something. Fellas? Does this ring true?



WELL DUH: Science finally figures out what women have always known: men have no idea what women are feeling.

MURICA! Yep, this kind of says it all right now.

SIDE EFFECTS STORY OF THE DAY: This is the beginning of a new series on thenanigans. It was inspired by a stream of increasingly hilarious (in our minds) ads for new prescription drugs which come with side effects so ridiculously awful that we are kind of shocked that someone would consider taking them. Today's spotlight shines on something called CHANTRIX. Check out the warnings that are associated with it.



A MAN OF PRINCIPLE: This guy, right here. Applause. Also, giggles.

FACEBOOK MAKES YOU STUPID: These naysayers are dangerous and irresponsible.

LIL KIM IS NOT HAPPY: The tantrum continues.  George Orwell could not have written this any better.

THIS, EXACTLY: Admittedly, we haven't payed a lot of attention to Patten Oswalt in the past. But this got our attention. 



You  probably have another name for it.