Your dioramas sucked balls.

THE LADY GAGA OF CEPHALOPODS: Meet the blanket octopus. the Lady Gaga of cephalopods(source)

WIND: The ultimate renewable resource. There is enough of it to power our all of our energy needs for the entire planet. And yes, there are a few "buts." But if we spent the resources we do on subsidies for Big Oil on developing wind power, we could make some progress on taking advantage of it. Thomas Dolby has a little something to sing about all of this.

AIRSHIPS: They could be returning to skies near you. I grew up near Moffett Airfield, home to Army dirigibles during WWII. The massive hangar that housed the airships always fascinated me. And I still gawk like a slack-jawed yokel whenever I see a blimp of any kind.

THIS IS WHY I WILL ALWAYS LOVE STEVIE: Stay with this all the way through. It's something.

HEAVY LISTENING: British band The Heavy have just released one of the best albums of 2012. 

A BACON TRIFECTA? If you are hungry, you might not want to click here.  Just sayin'. Then there's this. And now for some truly terrible news.

OOPS: That's one way to beat the heat.


you never showed up(source)

WELL THIS IS HELPFUL: Do you cook? Or, more importantly, do you have to clean up after someone else cooks? This might save you some time and frustration.

BURIED IN HIS JAMMIES: It wasn't the Butler that killed King Tut. And it wasn't his big boobs and wide hips either. Wait, what?

AFGHANISTAN: Terrorists and poppies and skate parks, oh my!


Artist Matthew Albanese creates dioramas unlike anything I've ever seen. From his gallery page, this particular piece is:


 Diorama made from wood, moss, yellow glitter, clear garbage bags, cooked sugar, scotch-brite pot scrubbers, bottle brushes, clipping from a bush in bloom (white flowers) clear thread, sand, tile grout (coloring), wire, paper and alternating yellow, red and orange party bulbs.
You have been served.

GO SOMEWHERE ELSE: Looking for a web hosting service? You might should steer clear of these guys.

YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG: How NOT to win back your ex. Cree-pee.