Putting the GIF in TGIF

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts! PLACES TO GO, MOLLUSKS TO SEE:


We had no idea that this is how they got around. And yes, this is playing in our head as we watch this over and over and over.

THIS IS WHY WE HATE PEOPLE #1: Kansas can go feck themselves.  This is nothing but naked hate. The lengths that this state is going to in order to punish a group of people they don't approve of is pretty stunning.

THIS IS WHY WE HATE PEOPLE #2: This is what is on the line for millions of Americans with regards to marriage equality.

STAND DOWN MARGARET: She may have helped make soft serve ice cream a reality, but as England's first female Prime Minister, she was about as divisive as one could be. What? You need evidence? Here you go.


THERE ARE NO WORDS: What. The. Bejiminies?

THIS IS HELPFUL: Want to not look like a total jagweed online? Thanks to our pals over here for the tip.

OH YEAH BABY, MORE, MORE, MORE: Science has located the part of your brain that makes listening to music so damn satisfying.

THE NATIVES ARE GETTING RESTLESS: While the fat cats at the top get, uh, fatter, the scraps left for us serfs are fewer than ever. This is not a sustainable situation.



MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP: OK, so it's not THAT deep but seriously, what's this all about?

BUZZFOOD: As  the East Coast prepares for the once every 17 year visit of noise cicadas, one helpful and intrepid foodie seems to think they are something you want to shove in your mouth.   Unexpected protein.

WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS:  It's not that we are playing fast and loose with tax laws or anything. It's just the principle.  



MEANWHILE, IN BEST KOREA: Their lady soldiers look the part. At least, where their footwear is concerned.

THEY'RE NOT EVEN TRYING ANYMORE: You have many choices when it comes to sailing the seven seas. We're thinking these guys are probably not on your list anymore.

NOT ENOUGH ENNUI? Boredom can be a good thing. Maybe.

THERE ARE NO WORDS #2: Horrifying.