Dandelion dewdrops and the good news bad news rubberneck.

OUR KIND OF BOOKS: (source) 

AND THEN THEY WERE DONE: The folks at Salon have an interesting excerpt from a book chronicling REM's last days.

CONSEQUENCES: Climate change is having an effect on the sea's creepy crawlies. And it is NOT what you were expecting.

WITCHDOCTOR ON CALL: The resurrectionist. No word on whether a Pet Sematary was involved.


BAD NEWS FELLAS: The ladies have been lying to you all these years. They do care about the size of your business.

GOOD NEWS FELLAS: It's ok to look at your favorite motorboatables. In fact, doctors (at least one) recommends it. So, hurray.

THENANIGANS APPROVES: Way to go granny! Keep on keepin' on.

NIGHTMARE FUEL: You have been warned.



THEY DON'T GET IT: This would be funny if it weren't sad and frustrating. And, don't think we didn't notice that the percentage of note in that article correlates with the percentage of people who identify as members of the GOP.

COUGAR ATTACK: There are no words. OK, there are a few. But we're not wading into this one. 

HEY ALANIS, NOW THIS IS IRONIC: The family responsible for America's most famous gossip rag is the middle of a messy public brouhaha. There are no good guys in this story.