Blinded by Science (SCIENCE!) and how to survive nincompoops.


This is Mustang. His time on this little blue planet in the middle of the Universe may very well be brief considering he spends his time putting himself into peril. All the time.

INFOGRAPHIC OF THE DAY: Beer! Specifically, the things you don't know about it (including it's connection to weed.)

RATS: This can't possibly be a good thing.

SCIENCE! Is there anything it can't do? Two things that got our attention. 1) Your exhaled breath is like your fingerprints. Yes, one day the authorities might be able to bust you based on your bad breath. 2) THEY CAN SEE WHAT YOU'RE DREAMING!



Enlarge. Print. Stick on Fridge.

A MOST INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Why nuclear power might be better for the planet than fossil fuels. DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!

NOT FOR US: We can't even imagine this working for us. Mostly, we would end up face first in an uncomfortable position with nylon burns on our forehead. But perhaps you would fare better?

SOVEREIGN NINCOMPOOPS: A survivors guide for authorities and other sympathetic sufferers.



INTRIGUED WE ARE: This seems practical. 

SASQUATCH LIVES? Thenanigans has always been fascinated by all things Bigfoot. ALWAYS. So this is relevant to our interests. Also, we're pretty sure that if we heard these sounds while sitting around a campfire in the woods, we would need a clean pair of underpants in a hurry.

ONE RING TO INSPIRE THEM ALL: Was this the Tolkien's inspiration for his big adventures?

DON'T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD! Something the wisenheimers at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art never learned. And for this we are grateful. Also, kind of hungry.