animals r us and stuff


MEANWHILE, IN GEORGIA: What could possibly go wrong? We just have to wonder if at some point in the future we will look back on this era of tantrums and pants wetting and wonder when we became a nation of squabbling idiots.

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY: The gate to hell has been located.  That's a relief.

REAL ESTATE DEAL OF THE DAY: Now you can grab your own English Manor for a song. 



This artist right here is doing some lovely work. We're big fans. His work is not just limited to terrific portraits of animals in strange contexts.

CONSEQUENCES: Domestic terrorism in Texas is taking a toll on law enforcement there. This is pretty scary.

THIS IS WRONG OF THE DAY: What. The. H - E - double tooth picks.

THE CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT: Anyone who has worked in retail and the service industry understands that people can be difficult. We're pretty certain our disdain for most people originated from our experiences in both fields. But these people? EFF THEM.


Hong Minshun has ducks. Approximately 5,000 of them.  He lives in a coastal city in China called Taizhou. He brings traffic to a crawl when he walks his ducks to a feeding pond. He insists that this keeps his foul fit and happy. Well done Mister Hong. Well done.

PREPPER ENTREES OF THE DAY: Apparently you need to stock your survival pantry with these. Also, if you have kids or nieces and nephews who you want to impress.

THOSE WHO ARE GOING TO INHERIT THE WORLD...are going to have to be the ones who clean up our mess. Take, for instance, this 19 year old and his plan to clean the ocean.