Oh hello February. You snuck up on me there.

ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL: The evils of Hollywood, the latest fitness gizmo, peepers for a pachyderm, political shenanigans and bald faced pandering, advancements in ammunition, a golden tattoo, the nastiest thing lurking in your pantry, the worst mom in America, dunkin' without the donuts, the tupperware queen of the USA, and then some...

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT: The angriest kitteh in the world.


HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD? Not so much. If you only read one article today about the hypocrisy of the entertainment business and their current war against the internet, make it this one.

THEN THERE'S THIS: No kidding.

OH BRAVO: More of this please. 



QUEEN OF PLASTIC: Nobody sells more Tupperware than Aunt Barbara. Yes, there is a reason I am introducing you to her.

WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Meet Maddie. She likes to stand on things.

SO THIS HAPPENED: You never know who is paying attention.

THE TUG TONER: Don't bail on this one early. I promise it's worth it.

A FRIEND OF DOROTHY: This is the least macho tattoo ever. That might be one reason why I approve.

THEY NEVER LEARN: Another Republican presidential candidate gets the smackdown from a songwriter.

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU: This is a first - contact lenses for an elephant.



OH THAT'S NASTY: It pays to enrich your word power. 

OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE: One can only hope! This would definitely keep things interesting AND it might just rid us of this clown once and for all.

THE CASE AGAINST THE CASE: Someone thinks you should ditch your iPhone case. Here's why.

CAPTION? Got a good one? It could score you a CD!


DENIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT: Climate change deniers shove their fingers in their ears, stamp their feet and say "I can't hear you I can't hear you." Then they publish nonsense.

TODDLERS AND TIARAS: If we can't all admit that this is a pernicious program, can we agree that this particular mom is unfit to serve in that capacity? I hope the legal system slaps her back to where she came from.

NOT SO FAST: Heard about Newt Gingrich's poroposal for a moon colony? When you've stopped laughing, check out this beat down from the folks at Slate. Plus, he made the promise in Florida where the space industry is, so, yeah...just bald faced pandering at work.


THEN THERE'S THIS: LeBron leaps.

WEAPON OF THE DAY: The self-guiding bullet. It's not your grandfather's ammunition