Anything Could Happen.

SONG OF THE DAY: Ellie Goulding has released the first single from her forthcoming CD. This is pretty catchy, this is.

ALL OF OUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET: As we increasingly rely on the interwebs for our day to day existence, this is exactly what could go wrong.

THE RIGHT STUFF: They've still got it.  Nice work fellas.

DON'T ASK DON'T TELL: Remember when a whole bunch of very concerned people were warning about the end-of-the-world consequences of ending that policy? Yeah, NOT SO MUCH.



CHINA: Still not up-to-speed with that bothersome first amendment stuff. Oy.

SCIENTIFIC TERM OF THE DAY: Dream Engineering. It's coming. One rat at a time. True fact: I've tried in the past to get myself to dream about something by telling myself that I was going to dream about something before going to bed. Yeah, I know.

PERSEVERANCE: I should probably learn something from this man. I am not worthy.


Photographer Caleb Charland combines science and art in his images of alternative sources of energy. In this instance, he lit a lamp with 300 apples. Head on over here for more.

YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG: I believe this woman needs to find a new job. Or, alternately, empathy.

NO S#!T SHERLOCK: Science confirms the obvious. Sadly, I'm fairly certain that your daily consumption of thenanigans doesn't count.

MAYBE THERE IS HOPE? Hey, I said maybe.


how do you do?(source)

THE VOLT #1: I like this automobile. It's a lovely piece of work. But I can hardly afford it on a radio dude/blogger's income. The sad thing is, General Motors can't really afford it either.   That is officially a staggering figure.

VOLT #2: This is one of my favorite reads from the past couple of years. Tremendous author. Terrific collection of stories.

P.U. The smelly side of war.