Pictures of Matchstick Men (and you).


Artist Wolfgang Stiller creates these life size sculptures from leftover materials from his work on movie props. You can see more here.  Also, this.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? The long and somewhat painful history of trouser zippers.

JOURNALISM 101: Is it too much to expect that cable news organizations follow the basic rules regarding rape victims? Apparently it is. There should be sizable repercussions to this. Sadly, we aren't expecting any.

WOW: Bill O'Reilly really is a loathesome creature.

STORYTELLING 101: This is something.

REASONS WHY WE HATE CONGRESS: #1,254,499 - the latte chronicles.

YOUR PRIVACY PANIC SITUATION OF THE DAY: Data Brokers. They know more about you than you do.

THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR BATTLE: Twist ties verses plastic clips. Who knew?

FACEPALM: When is a fiscal conservative anything but?