Ugh, I'm so totally not ready for this.

YOUR "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M BACK AT WORK" EDITION: CBGB version 2.0, Sherlock version something something something, another bad sequel idea, teachers fight back, further evidence that financial organizations are not our pals, the Muppets take on FOX, the worst place for the best beers, and a unicorn in a unitard on a unicylce.



This just might be pretty cool. According to reports, the legendary rock club CBGB just might be reborn in a new location later this summer. And it looks like there will be a multi-day music fest to go with it. The debate over whether the club can survive a new location has already begun on the interwebs.

BETTING AGAINST THE HOME TEAM: This new report from Propublica is going to make life for the folks at Freddie Mac even more uncomfortable. Good grief. It is stories like this that make me wonder if there is any hope for recovery.

YES, YES AND YES: Many of my friends are teachers or work in the schools. I hear their stories. This is something I completely agree with.



What can you do with paper and some scissors? British artist Claire Brewster makes these amazing nature themed cut-outs from old maps. Truly something.


LOST CAUSE: Sometimes you wonder if maybe we should just take all of our toys and go home. This place seems like far more trouble than it could possibly be worth. And please don't feed me any bullspit about cultural differences.



Thank you Archie McPhee. How I love you so.

BLOGFOOD UPDATE: Here we go again. Another foot washes ashore in British Columbia.

MISSISSIPPI: Apparently it's a really lame place for beer lovers. Too.

ELEMENTARY: Ok. I admit it. I'm a little late with this one. But I am completely wowed by this latest take on Sherlock Holmes. Like the best that have come before it, the actors here bring something fresh to the roles while being true to Arthur Conan Doyle's original source material. If you are a fan of the books, you really need to see these. And don't for a moment let the fact that the setting is contemporary throw you off. It's terrific.



Big props to So-Cal photographer Andy Stolarek who was inspired to create his pet portraiture business (FURTOGRPAHS) following a trip to a pedigree cat pageant. He definitely has a gift at catching these animals in a special way.

NO NO NO NO NO HELL NO: This is a terrible idea from an industry that apparently has nothing but.

THE MUPPETS VS FOX NEWS: Always bet on our furry felt friends.

ALRIGHT FELLAS - WHAT'S IT GONNA BE: A jimmy-cap or a nut zapper? Your call.


not+gonna+happen(from here)

...I was born without. This is Chris Sharma monkeying around in the Spanish island of Mallorca.