A bronze bear, a violated goat and a very randy Pan.

BOISE BEAR: (mine)

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING: America is still paying for the horrible boondoggle that was the Bush II presidency. Were it not for this crap (and an under regulated financial services industry), our so-called "debt crisis" would be anything but.

MIND YOUR JUNK: Not content with trashing the planet, we've made a mess in the space around our planet and the consequences are all explosive and such.

BRACKET FALLOUT: March Madness is NOT something your IT department is looking forward to.



These are pretty rad, in the right context.

MISSISSIPPI: Doubling down on fat and stupid. At some point, an entire swath of 'Murica embraced ignorance as if it were a major award.

THEY'RE JUST LIKE US: Monkeys don't like asshats.

PARTY ACCESSORIES: Because you might need more than your standard red solo cup. 


You might want to avail yourselves of the story behind this particular work of art.