The chasm of the eye and the power of the paw.

EYE EYE EYE: (source) 

IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE: Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

FELLAS: You have been warned. Or...perhaps your suspicions have been confirmed.

CABIN FEVER: We would totally live in one of these. In the right setting. Probably.



MOB JUSTICE: Slate has an interesting look at why denizens of the web come to the rescue of strangers who have been wronged.

BADASS WEB HERO OF THE DAY: Meet Randall, the man who made honey badgers famous. Now he's trying to save them.

THIS JUST IN: There are nefarious people in this world. And they are making it really hard for you to know what you are actually eating. This right here is a serious downer.


Yes, this is real. No, we have no idea how we missed this. It looks like the app just got a great upgrade. iPhone users can grab it here. Android peeps can get theirs here. 

WORST. THING. EVER. There are no words. Also, gaaaaaah.

GRUMPY CAT IS NOT AMUSED: We have long wondered about this latest trend in interweb notoriety: the taking of web-famous animals on publicity tours. And by wonder, we mean frown upon. Mostly.

SOMETIMES IS IT determine the difference between The Onion and The Sun. Here's one reason why. One admittedly funny reason.

BIG ASS + FIREARMS + FLORIDA = hilarity, naturally.



ARGO EFF YOURSELF: Iran proves once again that it's not ready for prime time. Or, in this case,  the red carpet.

OH THAT'S NASTY: Oink Oink ick.

LIGHT BEER: Apparently it is really hard to make the stuff that is way too easy to drink. Also, for the most part, nasty. Thenanigans don't drink that shit. Also, also, CHEMICALS up the ting-yang.