The sleeping habits of sperm whales and the practical luchador.


HIGH FIDELITY: Want to know what life is like for a indie record store clerk? Read this. This is my former co-worker. Also, one of my favorite people.

OF ALL THE WAYS TO DIE...this is one of those I fear the most. Also, Ebola.

GENTLEMEN...this might save you some grief.



Let your bottled beverage of choice know that you mean business with these nifty Luchador bottle openers. You might want to hold onto this though. Someone might tap it and wonder off with it...

OFFERED WITHOUT COMMENT: Because, apparently, some people are going to let this just happen. Also, this.

THE STORY WITHIN THE STORY: This is pretty horrible. But what really got my attention was the math and the mark-up of the loss involved. Just think about it next time you're at the grocery store.

OOPS: Well this is embarrassing. Also, hilarious.

THIS IS ME, ALL OVER: I'm not proud of this.


UM...OK. I'm not sure you want to go here. Really. You're thinking about it aren't you?

SNEAKY: Facebook tries to pull a fast one on you. You have been warned.

GOOD LUCK MR. GORSKY: This right here is pretty sweet.



WHAT WOULD ANDY THINK? Are imitates life imitates art.

WHAT, NO FRIED CHICKEN? Thenanigans will be passing on this, thank you very much.

MY CHIMP IS SMARTER THAN YOUR HIGH SCHOOL KID: Coming soon to a bumper near you.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: What could possibly go wrong?



This is how sperm whales sleep. My apologies for losing the source on this one.!