The Red Dust Devil and the French Chef.

LADY GAGA'S PAST LIFE? all+the+single+ponies...(source)

DARWIN AWARD WINNER OF THE DAY: This idiot has just traumatized two teenagers for life.

THEN THERE'S THIS GUY: That must have been some party.

ONE MORE REASON...I like this guy.


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE DAY: Please post this at your gym. And if you're guilty of any of these, knock it off. Thank you.

THIS RIGHT HERE...better grab something to get that stuff out of your eyes. For reals.

FOR PROFIT HIGHER EDUCATION: Why it get's the side-eye from thenanigans. Also, why you are bombarded with advertisements for "colleges" you've never heard of.


meeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow not+impressed(source, source)

Puppy is not impressed. Also, a little intimidating. Nothing good can come from a look like that.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: Some folks just don't seem to be equipped with the ability to, uh, reason. Thenanigans has no problems pointing a finger and laughing at their expense. Because, C'mon. Really?

AMERICA: A nation of stereotypes. Yes, this can be a bit painful

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Because it doesn't play into their non-reality-based narrative, certain news networks and talking heads will pay no attention to this.



This is an X-Ray of a newly discovered fish in Viet Nam. It's scientific name is Phallostethus Cuulong. According to this article, they are among the horniest of fish. Yes, that is apparently a scientific term. Remind you of anything?

OLYMPIC STATISTIC OF THE DAY: One demographic outperformed their peers at the Summer Olympics. Fabulous!

SITE OF THE DAY: Women of importance in the world of science. AKA: Science Chicks.