The supervillain owl and an electrifying skyline.

SANTA FE, ELECTRIFIED: electrifying(source)

ONLY IN AMERICA: Seriously, I just can't really wrap my head around this. Is it me or are we becoming a bit warped in our outlook where certain things are concerned? Just a little bit?

DIAGNOSIS OF THE DAY: Did you hear about the giant who brought his lady friend to the hospital holding her up by her ankles? There is no punchline.


blue+formation(snagged from a FB post)

NOW DO YOU BELIEVE ME? Thenanigans has had his eyes on the ant world ever since he saw this movie as a 12 year old. So, the fact that scientists have recently discovered that ants have their own internet, and have had it for eons, doesn't really come as much of a surprise. More science than fiction, it would seem.

HERE IN MY CAR, I FEEL SAFEST OF ALL: Want to see the definition of unsustainable? This right here should have us all rethinking how we live and interact with the world around us. Ouch.

THEN THERE'S THIS: I have to admit, at least this looks like the future.



WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Are you a Nervous Nelly or a worry wart? Do you have a disaster preparedness kit ready to go in your survival pantry? This site is for you. Find out about every emergency happening around the world in real time. Wow. This is fascinating.

I DON'T CARE...if this would make me look like a schmuck or if it isn't for reals. I WANT THIS. I would set it up at my favorite local coffeehouse with this and wait for the hilarity to ensue.

PAY UP, CHUMP: Is there a statute of limitations for bills?



TALKING HEAD LOSER OF THE DAY: Seriously, this is sad. Also, it says more than a little something about how messed up corporate news has become.

HERO OF THE DAY: This right here is absolutely terrific.

SIGH: I'm pretty sure that things don't work this way, and if they do then I'm also sure I want nothing to do with it.