The fat, bald, alien puss is not impressed.

ATOMIC TOURISTS:  watching+the+world+die+around+us

Atomic Overlook is a series of photo manipulations by artist Clay Lipsky. You can peep the series over here. Thenanigans  can't help but see a sad commentary on how we are all standing by as the world collapses around us. But maybe that just means it's time to up the meds.

HIGH HOPES: I've said it before and I will say it again: ants - one day this will all be theirs.

SWORD STORIES*: There are two kinds of people in this world. People who don't own swords and those who do. These are their stories. Here's the latest.



I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: It's not just that this story is a great example of the dumbing of America. No, it's the fact that the OTHER knucklehead involved here has one of the most spectacularly appropriate names ever. I SAID EVER.

THEN THERE'S THIS: Nobody ever said that professional athletes were Rhodes Scholars. Wow. Just wow.

OUT OF THE FRYING PAN  INTO THE FIRE: Worst road trip ever. Sadly, no word on the flying squirrel or Boo Boo.

REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED PINK (warning: Danish F-bombs)

See what happens when a Danish teenager gets his comeuppance for messing with his older brother's Facebook page.

MEOW TIMES INFINITY: Your kitteh might just be a psycho. Mr. Blogfood is pretty sure that this explains what was up with his once-favorite furball Joe Tucker.

BAWITDABA DA BANG A DANG DIGGY DIGGY DIGGY SAID THE BOOGY SAID UP JUMP THE BOOGY: There are two famous loud mouthed self proclaimed bad ass hard rockin' musicians from the Motor City. One of them is a complete jagweed. And the other? Well, you'll never hear thenanigans bag on Kid Rock. Here's one reason why. Not listening, mind you.

GOOD NEWS OF THE DAY: This is relevant to thenanignas interests. Also, a huge relief.



I'm completely fascinated by tilt shift photography. As you can see above, this effect manages to make real life scenarios appear like models or miniatures. There's a series of photos from the Summer Olympics you can find over here.

PARADE OF ASSHATS: Wow. They are everywhere these days, and they are increasingly unhinged. This guy and this guy and this guy and this guy...sigh.

FOR THE RECORD: While thenanigans is saddened by the loss of this talented director, he completely approves of Mr. Scott's decision. It's a personal choice, one made in defense of dignity. And our government should stay the hell out of it. Always.

* Once upon a time there was the greatest radio show ever. Long live the Pete and Joe show. Thanks for letting me keep one part of it alive.