Always be prepared.

LIGHTNING YOGA: not+greased.(source)

JUST SAY NO? My friend Amber, who is a counselor, forwarded me this. When you have a few minutes, you should give it a read. Words...they can change your brain. Thoughtful stuff.

THIS IS HELPFUL: Guys, this right here is something you should bookmark, especially if you want to score points with your boss and the ladies and gents.

MOTHRA: Is that you?

WHEN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BEGINS...thenanigans will be ready.


This should be the first tool in your arsenal for the end of the world. This SOG F01T Tactical Tomahawk is a relatively lightweight 24 ounces. It features a 2.75 inch stainless steel blade and a sturdy polymer handle. And it's just about $27. I must point out that it is NOT something you will be able to use at this event.

CONSEQUENCES: The Penn State fall out continues. And this could be serious.

SOMEWHERE THENANIGANS' JUNIOR HIGH ENGLISH raising all kinds of hell. Merriam-Webster has added a bunch of words to it's latest dictionary. The F-bomb is getting all the attention but truth be told, I'm rather surprised it wasn't already included. Also making the cut, earworm, life coach, energy drink and a couple that are new to thenanigans. Meanwhile, there is a new dictionary that features the "most hated" words in our language.



RIP BEASTIE: One more reason Adam Yauch was all that and more.

NOT SURE IF I SHOULD LAUGH OR SIGH: Juggalos are now officially targeted by the FBI.

SOAPBOX: When you attend a rock and roll concert, don't get so drunk that you piss off the headlining act. And don't spend most of the show chatting with your pals. We came to see the artist and to hear their music. If you do this, you suck.

NOT YOUR GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER'S PIRATES: Today's swashbucklers have their aspirations. Oh, and letterhead.

WOOF: My pal EJ is a very funny man.



DO AS I SAY...not as I do.

PSSST. Don't tell your big-government hating pals, but recent restrictions on junk food in schools is working.

I WAS TOLD THERE WOULD BE FLYING CARS. So what's the deal already?

COVER VERSION OF THE DAY: One more reason thenanigans likes Katie Herzig.