Putting the GIF in TGIF!

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts. STEVEN SPIELBERG YOU ARE SO BUSTED:


FAMOUS LAST WORDS: "I just wanted to find a place to party."

HEY ALANIS: Now this is ironic. The cliff notes version: Once upon a time there was a ship called the Romney. She was the ship that was sent in to deal with the folks behind the Boston Tea Party. You know, those colonists who were objecting to a tax from King George. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

YES PLEASE: Yes, thenanignas is old enough to have had an Atari 2600. And yes, Pitfall was one of his favorite games. So this news makes him giddy. That's right, GIDDY!



OH HELLS NO: Nope. No. Not-uh. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

WRAP IT UP: So this is rather alarming. It would appear that gonorrhea is one the verge of being untreatable. That's one nasty STD. Of course, some of us don't really have to worry about this stuff. #foreveralone.

THAT'S SOME TV YOU GOT THERE: When Amazon goofs, they goof big.



WAY TO RUIN A BRAND: Is Pandora trying to chase away it's users?

IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN: Because of decisions like this, and a complete lack of will by major financial institutions to do the right thing, we will face another banking induced economic crisis at some point. This is a gigantic failure on the part of the free market.

WELL THIS IS A BUMMER: Looks like we won't be relying on Bruce Willis to save the world after all.



HEADICURE? This is not something I want happening to me.

HIDING IN PLAIN SITE: Headline of the day.

CUSTOMER SERVICE STORY OF THE DAY: So it's true: Canadians really are nicer than us.