Putting the GIF in TGIF!


THERE'S GOLD IN THEM THERE WATERS! This isn't your run of the mill guppy.

THIS IS JUST WRONG ALL OVER: Welcome back. Thanks for your service. Now we're going to gouge you.

BALLS: Thenanigans wholeheartedly approves of this but we expect butthurt parents to over-react as if the world is coming to an end.



GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: Forget about that 401k. Spend it now, because...


CONSEQUENCES: China's one-baby rule has led to a generation of "left-over women." BONUS: Wang Tingting. Meanwhile, China is facing it's biggest challenge yet to communist rule: social media.


PRIORITIES: The Mid West has theirs. Applause.

IN A WORLD OF ASSHATS AND JAGWEEDS...this man makes us feel better about the losers we live amongst.

AND NOW ANOTHER EDITION OF...the not-so-friendly skies.


BUSTED: The long arm of The Google. This is pretty interesting. Also, a bit Big Brother-esque.

GNOME RESPECT: At long last, garden gnomes gets some.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "...there is more than one way to stretch a penis." Go-ahead. You know you want to.


911 NON EMERGENCY CALL OF THE DAY: Well at least it wasn't about McNuggets.*

THIS IS WHY HEALTH CARE COSTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL: Wasteful, expensive procedures. Tell your doctor no thanks.

OH THAT'S NASTY: I'll take the bottled water please.



* = this.