Wondering Wildebeests.



THE MOST PRESIDENTIAL FAMILY TREE EVER: All US presidents save one are descended from a medieval English king, according to a budding genealogist from the Salad Bowl of the world. I'm giving this one the side-eye.

SUPER VOLCANOS: They're not just a Yellowstone thing. Congratulations Italy, now you too can worry about one more thing.



The rainbow connection captured by photography Justin Lee    . One of my favorite places in this whole crazy world is Yosemite National Park. This is probably the most beautiful image of Yosemite's Bridalveil Falls that I ever seen.

SPAM: It's not just for web hooligans anymore. Presidential campaigns are getting in on the fun. Thenanigans can attest to the truth of this report.

BALLS: It is now against the law in Italy to accuse a guy of not having any. That is all.



DITCH THE BAND-AID: Spray-on skin is coming to an ER near you. (Heads up: if you are easily queasy, you might not want to click that link.)

CUSTOMER DIS-SERVICE: I'm not sure which is worse: being put on hold for 15 hours or actually being hard-headed enough to ride it out.

MASTER STROKE: There's a newfangled combination lock in town...


The folks at Master Lock have updated the lowly combination lock. This newfangled gizmo lets users set their own up/down left/right combination designed to be able to use with one hand. I'd try it. Heck, I might even start locking up my belongings at the gym with one of these.