A parade of stupid with a side of "oh really?"


DOUCHBAGGERY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER: The Donald, of course. Come at me bro.

BONNAROO! So you want to spend a few smelly hot and humid days immersed in some admittedly terrific music? Here you go.

WE HAVE ARRIVED...at the age of the war of the interwebs. And some Nations are already at battle (we are looking at you China). This is going to be the most serious national security issue of the coming generation.

KELP FOREST: Yes please.


NEVER ENDING CYCLE: The NRA makes money on every gun sold in America (via kickbacks and industry sponsorship programs). American's love their guns. The NRA works overtime whipping up a frenzy of second- amendment-is-being-usurped-by-the-gubmint hysteria. Americans buy more guns just in case. Repeat. 

WE SEE DUMB PEOPLE: And unfortunately, often they are in a position of power.

WATB's OF THE DAY: These people are insulated, entitled, out of touch pack-runners who fail to cover the real issues facing most of us. They can all eff the hell off.


You may have noticed his not-quite-right appearance. Turns out, white tigers are often inbred resulting in down-syndrome like defects.

HOUSES OF THE HOLY SHIT! The ball is in your court gentlemen!

REALLY? This. And this. Also, this, this and this. But wait, there's this too.

ONLY IN NEW ZEALAND? That sound you hear is an entire island collectively  face-palming as a result of this story.