Putting the GIF in TGIF!

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts! THE DARK NIGHT RINSES:


NO WONDER EVERYONE HATES THESE IDIOTS: The House of Representatives continues to spend time voting on bills that have no chance of making it through the Senate. They've wasted nearly $50 million dollars battling windmills. And they've just left town leaving American farmers to wilt in the middle of a horrendous drought. Asshats.

THE BIRD IS THE WORD: How did I miss this? I feel robbed of so many opportunities.



AMERICA'S BIGGEST EXPORT? Hate. Then again, there does seem to be a whole lot of it to spare these days.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Don't look now but our infrastructure continues to age its way to oblivion. What just happened to India could happen to us.

OOPS: Well this is just sad.



STFU OF THE DAY: This guy. Shameless.

WHERE'S THE DISLIKE BUTTON? Facebook might be the biggest social media site in the world, but that hasn't helped them where their stock is concerned. What began as one of the most embarrassing public stock launches ever is only getting worse. Ouch.



CHICK FULL HATE: There is so much more to what is happening with this story than one CEO's first amendment rights. I believe that he should be able to run his company the way he wants. I am uncomfortable with the attempts by some city officials to ban the company from opening new locations in their towns. For the most part I'm going to stay out of this. But I think this is a good read. This is even better.

CONSEQUENCES: Heads roll in the wake of the great teddy bear sky drop of 2012.

FAKE POOP: Bill Gates is looking for a whole lot of it.