Fertility Panic in the age of space debris.


CHICKEN LITTLE GETS SOME LOVE: It would seem that people are now paying attention to these guys. Big flaming balls of space debris fall from the sky and all of a sudden their theories don't seems so crazy any more. Meanwhile, is there more than the normal amount of stardust coming our way lately?

PSSSST! Don't tell the Red States but it would appear that the United Arab Emirates is sending aid to America. Yup. This is where we are at.

THENANIGANS HAS AN ISSUE WITH THIS: The so-called Crash Tax. Because regular taxes just don't cut it. Or rather, the lack of regular taxes just don't cut it.



NOT READY FOR THE BIG LEAGUES: China is using their military to hack their way around the world. Thenanigans readers will not be surprised to learn about this.

JUST SO YOU KNOW: Not all great white sharks are terrors of the deep. Some of them seem quite amenable to ride-sharing.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONCEPT OF THE DAY: Fertility Panic. Thenanigans has distinct opinions about this. But we admit that there are elements to the discussion previously unconsidered.

INCOMING! The Macho Man edition.


OH THAT'S NASTY: No word on whether or not it tasted like chicken.

SITE OF THE DAY: You had one job.


OCEANS FOURTEEN? Sounds like a job for Clooney & Company.


Introducing the  Namaqua Rain Frog.  You'll find them on the northwestern coast of South Africa. We're not sure if they are all this uppity, but we kind of hope so.