Nature's Palette

HELL'S FOREST: go+ahead.+take+a+ramble+through+there.+we%27ll+wait.(source)

THIS IS WHY OUR ECONOMY IS NOT RECOVERING: US corporations are making record profits. They are sitting on a great deal of cash assets. Are they hiring? No. Are they rewarding employees? No. But they are sticking it to their employees while granting obscene compensation packages to their CEO's. Here's the latest outrage: Caterpillar.

NOM NOM NOM: Get in my belly. And then get me to the gym.



ALL YOUR FAVORITE SCI-FI MEMES...came from one story. Ray guns. Spacesuits. Alien abductions. Space battles. And the story in question has a dubious reputation.

--- .--. .- -.-. . .--. --- .-. -.: This right here is pretty nifty.

PUBLIC ART OF THE DAY: I'm a big fan of NYC's Highline walkway. From what I gather, it is a fantastic escape from the city within the city. One intrepid artist has created a zoo for passers-by. Love this.



Meet the ladybug mimic spider. I see what you did there.

YES PLEASE: Thenanignas is seriously considering designing a house to go around one of these. For reals.

GRAFFITI OF THE DAY: Pompeiian shenanigans. Those Romans were cheeky.

DEJA TUNES: Why yes, all pop songs do sound the same.