Do the hump-day dance.

  DO THE HUMP-DAY DANCE: How good was your best man? Just how dumb can one person be? How long does it take Mitt Romney to make your annual salary? There's a new use for that special blue pill. And what the hell is wrong with teenagers these days? Of course, there's more.

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: When a best man really is a best man.

FAMILY VALUES? The article title says it all - The invention of the heterosexual. This is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

MEGAUPCHUCK: If you haven't spent anytime reading about the guy who ran Mega Upload, do yourself a favor and dive in. What a piece of work he is. And the fact that he was planning this makes me wonder if he realized that most people would likely steal it?



Do you want to give the perfect gift to the libertarian in your social circle? Here you go.

FLOWER POWER: What's good for your tool is good for your garden.

I SEE DUMB PEOPLE: I really love that the writer felt it important to point out that this woman, who made some astoundingly bad decisions, is college educated.


it%27s+a+beautiful+thing.(from here)

PERSPECTIVE: How long does it take for Mitt Romney to make your annual salary?

METH MATH: This is something.

TEENAGERS: They are such prudes. Wait, what?

BITCHIN: Sometimes I miss the cars of my youth.

i+miss+real+cars(from here)

THE HAITI EARTHQUAKE: Uh, so, were humans responsible for it?

JONAH & THE WHALE: The real life version.

SMOG: China has it. A whole lot of it. You can see it from space.