And we're back.

DOUBLE THE TROUBLE: soon(source)

OLYMPIC CONGRATULATIONS: I'm a huge fan of Kristen Armstrong. I have had the opportunity to work with her in various community events. She is a fantastic role model. And she's just won another gold medal.

JUST A REMINDER: Record labels don't give a crap about their artists.

EXPLOSIVE NUMBASS OF THE DAY: Courtesy of Australia.



MOVE OVER BIRD FLU: We've got something new to worry about.  One more reason to be wary of pinnipeds.

VIKINGS WERE NOT WHAT YOU THOUGHT THEY WERE: Apparently they were well groomed and hornless. Also, androgynous.

PARENTING TIP OF THE DAY: Devious and hilarious.



THONGLESS IN BELFAST: This is definitely a first world problem.

IN A WORLD FULL OF IDIOTS...this guy gets a blue ribbon.

MOON FLAGS: The stars and stripes have faded to white, but they're still standing. Mostly.



"THENCE TO THE COFFEEHOUSE": Social media, circa 1673. Think about this next time you're at your favorite coffee shop surfing the world wide waste of time.

ROUTER WARNING: Take a look at your router at home. If it is made by Cisco, you might want to replace it.

PUBLIC RELATIONS 101: The folks at one troubled sammich chain have some learning to do.



This was a photo that a pal of mine posted to his Facebook page. I can't find a source but I'm still chortling.