Silhouette and coon guard.


THE EMPIRE THAT L. RON HUBBARD freaking out. They aren't happy with some of the bad press they are receiving in the wake of the the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes split. This isn't going to help their image much. Oaf.

BOOKMARK THIS: What to do when you lose your wallet.

GHOST TOWNS: They aren't just a wild, wild west kind of thing. This is all kinds of crazy.

A FACE EVEN A MOTHER...who are we kidding? GAH!

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Next time someone calls you maggot face,  you now know what that looks like.

YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT? This is something that has long been scripted in some dystopian post apocalyptic Sci-fi novels, except that it's real. Also, a damning commentary on where we are as a society.

THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS HERE...and it's spreading.   Then there's this.

STFU OF THE DAY: This is precisely why more and more Americans are turning away from organized religion.


WHATEVER YOU CALL IT...karma, unintended consequences, a bad day at the office: this is not going to end well.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR OF THE DAY: Looks like Brad Pitt is having a bad week.

DARWIN AWARD CANDIDATE OF THE DAY: Well this is sad and pointless and nasty and so much more.