Fully loaded just in time for Cupid's big day.

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WE ARE DRINKING OURSELVES TO DEATH: Thenanigans stays the hell away from the so-called energy drinks. For starters, Rock Star is owned by this asshat. But beyond that, when you have to re-tool your label so that your product can actually be recognized as a beverage? That's pretty effed up.

HASHTAG OF THE DAY: #BBC. It's not what you think. Unless, of course, it's exactly what you think. Ahem.

FUEL FOR THE FIRE: As if you needed one more reason to loathe these two.



Artist link: Neil Folberg

OH THAT'S NASTY: 'Murica! What the hell? I'm certain none of thenanigans' readers are among the tainted masses. Then again, if we were like this thing, there might be fewer issues.

THENANIGANS UPDATE: Do NOT lie about Tesla motors. Especially in the pages of the New York Times. 

THE WALRUS WHISPERER: One man's dream of being the Kanye West of walrus trainers is thwarted. Smooshi is not amused.



TOUGHER STUFF THAN US: Yeah, thenanigans would have screamed like a little girl and then fainted, but not before the peeing of the pants.

SWORD STORIES*: There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who don't own swords. And those you do.

BIG BANKS: Racing furiously to be recognized as the worst businesses in the world. Seriously, there is nothing good to be said about them.


The above is an example of what were called Vinegar Valentine's. Anonymous missives of disdain fired off once upon a time to spread a little hate on Cupid's big day. This was a popular sport once upon a time and it only proves that we have always been a hateful society and the interwebs is just the latest way we express our wrath.


* Once upon a time there lived the greatest radio show ever. Long live The Pete and Joe show! Thanks for letting us rip off one of your benchmarks.