The day before the skies go boom!

NOT THE ICE CREAM VARIETY: anything+but+the+cone(source)

HISTORICAL ITEM OF THE DAY: The evolution of the modern lunch hour. I had no idea.

HOW SLIMY IS BIG PHARMA? Pretty much totally. Then there's this.

HEALTH CARE REFORM: One of the most important benefits of the legislation kicks in today. This hasn't received much attention in the media - apparently, temper tantrums on Capitol Hill get that particular spotlight - but its impact will be important.



I'm pretty sure that if I saw one of these in my yard I'd spazz out. In a good way. Still, not proud.

SHENANIGANS: Heh heh heh. I sure hope this breed of dawg likes the wilds of Alaska.

SPEAKING OF SHENANIGANS: This can't happen soon enough.

MEME OF THE DAY: Drunken baby. This I like.


CARS VS BUILDINGS: The extreme edition.

TEMPER TANTRUM OF THE DAY: And I thought these guys were dead-set against judicial activism? Huh? What? And why is this guy still living in America anyway? Oh, nevermind.

CAT LADIES: According to this, you best keep an eye on your favorite.



THIS IS WRONG: One more reason to rethink our role in the universe. One more reason to reject the violent consumerism of our society. One more reason not to trust corporations. One more reason to never spend your money at a place responsible for shuttering countless independent shops around the globe. One more reason to never shop at Wal-Mart.

MEANWHILE IN JAPAN: Just when you thought it was safe to go back near a nuclear reactor... Here we go again.

CHEAPER THAN DIRT: This is exactly why Americans bitch and moan about the government.



The first images NASA received from the Viking 1 spacecraft when it  landed on Mars on July 20th, 1976. Nifty.