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PUT DOWN THAT SWORDFISH: If you only buy "sustainable" seafood, we've got some bad news for you (and the sharks that get caught up in all of that greenery).

NOT ONE TINY BIT IRONIC: It was just a matter of time. Takeaway quote: "Alleman is the second Heart Attack Grill spokesman to perish in as many years." We are eating ourselves to death.

YE OLDE BULLSHITE: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the brontosaurus, and the most famous article of once upon a time.


And in case (We know, we know) it's phony (He wouldn't right? We mean, would he?), we found it over here. The thing is, we really want this to be legit. It's high time we have some old fashioned British monarchy drama. And we mean, old school drama. Not any of this 21st century naughty pictures kind. War of the Roses kind of stuff.


H8 OF THE DAY: It is not possible to read this article all the way through without laughing at the bald-faced double speak and ability of an entire group of people's ability to blindly accept dogma over rational thought. Thenanigans doesn't care if you hate people, just have the honesty to admit it.


This is pretty amazing. According to Pitchfork, Beck brings together "over 160 musicians, including the Dap-Kings, a string orchestra, a gamelan ensemble, members of the USC marching band, a Peruvian charango group, choirs, guitarists, a musical saw player, a harpist, and a Theramin player." Head over to Pitchfork to learn more about the way they recorded this. Wow.

KARMA: It's a bitch. Chris Brown's very bad week continued. Just before he lost out on a Grammy to his recent nemesis Frank Ocean, he totaled his Porsche.

OOPS: One new York Times writer just stepped in it big time. Apparently the story he told about his Tesla test drive was bunk. Egg meet face.



A HORSE IS A HORSE OF COURSE OF COURSE: Unless it's donkey. Yeah, that whole story managed to get, uh, distateful.

NOT-SO-RHETORICAL QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is America already a police state? Thought provoking and, for the most part, hard to argue with.

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