Putting The Gif in TGIF!

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts! WISHFUL REPORTING? Oops and oops. And then there's this.

HEY LADIES: You've been here, right?



BRASH AND FRIVOLOUS: The truth about the current political theater playing out in Washington DC.

Y'ALL TALK FUNNY: The science of accents. Huh, so that's how that works.



THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE: It could be here any day. Are you prepared? Start here.

PRIORITIES: It's nice to know some people have them, even when it comes to fisticuffs.

ME THINGS HE DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH: William Shatner says his recent pants-on-the-ground experience at LAX is his most embarrassing moment ever. Really? Has he forgotten about this? Or this? Or this?



SITE OF THE DAY: Next time you feel anxious about a visit to the dentist, check in over here.

PASSWORD PROTECTED? People, people, people. If there's one thing we've told you again and again, protect your wifi. Or else.

HEY ALANIS: Now this is ironic.



JUST A THOUGHT: Actually, more of a reminder. To all those politicians and Tea Party devotees who have decided to move to Canada in disgust at the SCOTUS's ruling on Health Care Reform: you can't just move there. They actually need to sign off on it. You need an invite. Plus, they have socialized medicine. Morans. Also, this.

YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG: If I'm standing at a urinal and the deordorizing cake therein begins to speak to me about the dangers of drunk driving, I'm pretty sure I'd head right back for another drink. I'm just saying.