When squid fly.


THEY NEVER FORGET: And they want nothing to do with us.

CONSEQUENCES: Sometimes those off the shelf hair dye products can cause more than bad hair days. This is something.

YOU TUBE FIND #1: That's a mighty fine hammer you got there.

PERSPECTIVE: Thenanigans really misses the ocean.


TWITTER ACCOUNT OF THE DAY: This is hilarious. The background can be found here.

YOU TUBE FIND #2: All kinds of crazy. Seven, to be exact.

CALLING DAN BROWN: There is more to this story. Popes just don't quit in this day and age.

WELL HERE IT IS: Thenanigans worst nightmare.


WHAT'S IN A NAME? From Lake Titicaca to Wet Beaver Creek, Shag Island to Wanks River, Spread Eagle to Crotch Lake: a compendium of snicker-inducing names around the world compiled by someone who has a great deal of time and dedication.

YOU TUBE FIND #3: The stars shine so bright. Also, sometimes they move.

OH HELLS NEIGH:Well that's gonna leave a bad taste in a whole lot of mouths. 

IN THE WAR ON CANCER...good news should be celebrated. 



FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: Try not to think too hard about being in a position to have created this sort of problem. This is part of the evolution of re-purposing outdated gizmos.

STYLE DEBATE OF THE DAY: The business mullet.  Thenanigans is not buying this. We are totally going to have to ask our pals over here about how they feel.

BUTTHURT: America - even when it comes to tax preparation. Thenanigans failed to delve into the class warfare arguments hidden deep within the ads. We just find them all tiresome.


Yes, flying squid. Details here.