Squirrel Bombs and Doggie Derps

SQUIRREL BOMB: best.+photobomb.ever(source)

YOUR TSA NONSENSE OF THE DAY: It's really just way too easy.

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Pixelated failure courtesy of the US Armed Forces.

STFU: Jenny McCarthy is a loathsome thing.



LIFE ON THE RED PLANET? With the recent discovery of water beneath the surface of Mars, seems like it could happen.

BALLS: You have been warned.

SPEAKING OF SPACE: Man has officially sent an emissary beyond our galaxy. Congrats to the energizer bunny that is the Voyager probe. This is a really big deal.



TO HONOR AND RESPECT: And if that doesn't work, just make a really big impression. Something about this seems a bit heavy handed to me.

SORRY POP: Maybe they got tired of pulling his finger?

OH THAT'S NASTY: Bath Salts are the mostest scary thing since PCP. Seriously.



DIGITIZING MUSIC HISTORY: One of my heroes, UK Disc Jockey John Peel, is the subject of an overwhelming undertaking. This is so cool.

SAY CHEESE: I have a thing for cameras. More to the point, I have a thing for instant cameras. I grew up with Polaroid cameras. I was despondent when I could no longer buy film for the old model that my folks received as a wedding present back in the early 60's. So, naturally, this is relevant to my interests. I want.

SITE OF THE DAY: Your Facebook secrets exposed.


Now would not be a good time for a little splish splash in the surf. Nope. Not at all.