Mammatuus skies...


WHY YES...I am pointing and laughing at someone else's belief system. And I'm ok with this.

MAC APP OF THE DAY: Thenanigans shall be downloading this at his earliest convenience. Nifty.

FACEBOOK FOLLIES: Now they want to, or are about to, change your default email address. And you didn't even know you had it. You have been warned.



I am pretty sure that if I looked up and spotted a sky full of clouds like this I'd start looking for the four horsemen of the apocalypse, or perhaps Ringwraiths. Yes, I went there. But do you blame me? These are mammatus clouds. And they are fierce.

YOU CAN'T COMPETE WITH BILLIONAIRES: Our democratic republic has been hijacked by the top 1% of the 1%. And the United States Supreme Court is fine with this.

SQUATTING FOR DUMMIES: Oh how I wish I had access to this prior to my weekend in France during my semester of studies abroad. It would have prepared me for what became a fairly crappy experience. Pun intended.



A MOMENT OF CANDOR: If there was any doubt about the real reason behind Voter ID laws being enacted around the country, this should make things perfectly clear. It is about disenfranchising voters, pure and simple. And, for the record, the only actual examples of voter fraud have come from publicity seeking activists.

PSSST! Don't tell your vegan friends but...nom nom nom.



HUNGRY HUNGRY GRIZZLY: Yikes. Looks like Mama Grizzly season is about to open in Montana.

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Unmanned US military drones could be hijacked by the very people they are seeking. Oops.

THE SALVATION ARMY IS NOT WORTHY OF YOUR DONATIONS: There are so many deserving charitable organizations doing excellent work across this country. This is why I don't support the Salvation Army. They have a long history of this kind of stuff.