Seals and sharks and colorful underpants.

SHARK-TWEET: (source)


THEN AGAIN...Someone better warn @TheAverageShark pronto.

DIGITAL SIGN OF THE TIMES: How NOT to instigate lay-offs in the age of Social Media.

PRIORITIES: Iceland has them. Thenanigans is hard at work trying to find the exact quote from one of their leading politicians but the gist of it was this: "We investigate bankers, not activists. In America, it is exactly the opposite." BOOM.

SPEAKING OF: Little House of Worship on an Icelandic Prairie.


ECONOMIC INDICATOR OF THE DAY: Men's underpants. Sales of the colorful variety are on the rise. For the record, thenanigans is a big fan of the folks at Flint & Tinder. We got in at the Kickstarter effort and have returned for more.

I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING: Headline of the day. 

CURRENTLY PACKING OUR BAGS: But only if there is interweb access. And we're only partly kidding about this.

MESMERIZING: I can't stop watching it.


SAVE THE PLANET: Work less. Thenanigans is ready to do their part immediately.

GOOD MANNERS: This is a win-win situation if ever we've seen one.

ABOUT THIS: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Obviously we have learned that this is no longer the case. Or at least it won't be come August.  And while you may have no issue with this, lots of Americans do. This is one more policy that will affect poor Americans the hardest. Those folks who work more than one job, those who relied on Saturday hours to take care of business they couldn't take care of during the work week. Bummer.

INCOMING! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - not so much.

Scary stuff.