Chicken Little and the not-so-public mannequins.

CURIOUS PUSS OF THE DAY: The Go-Pro edition.

MEANWHILE: The rest of the world moves on. England and Wales adopt marriage equality.

GOD IS NOT AMUSED: This is abhorrent. This is the kind of story you might expect from the 1800's. No. Moral. Authority. Whatsoever.

DIVA DEMANDS: Lady GaGa's tour rider. Go for the pink pubic hair mannequins. Stay for the seafoam luffas.



TROLL OF THE DAY: This, right here, full marks.

HEY ALANIS: Now this is ironic. Also, tragic.

THIS IS HELPFUL: For those resolutionistas out there making an effort to look great and feel even better, my pals at Dappered have some terrific advice. This is about the calorie allowance thenanigans gets on a day without the gym. Give it a try.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE OF THE DAY: Lights, Lights, Baby.


Apparently Robert Matthew Van Winkle  fancies himself a home decor designer. Now, if you are of the nature that seeing Mr. Ice in action, explaining his design ethos and his love for dimmers, I suggest you make your way over here. And, also, huh.

CONSEQUENCES: This may just be the tip of the iceberg of the troubles coming for Lance LiveWrong.

INCOMING: Time to go all Chicken Little on you bitches.