Welcome Summer!


A MILE FOR MEN'S HEALTH: As Boise gears up for the 9th Annual Main Street Mile, an event bringing awareness to the battle against prostate cancer, encouraging news from the front lines.

UGH: This kind of nonsense makes me irritable.

YOU CAN'T COMPETE WITH BILLIONAIRES: Our democracy is being purchased by a select group of the top of the 1%. This is so disheartening.



Thanks to my fashionable friend over here for sending me this photograph of this piano eating puss.

INTERNET CENSORSHIP: It's not just the usual subjects who are trying to stifle speech on the web. Google reveals some alarming statistics and examples.

THEN THERE'S THIS: Which companies have your back on the net.

THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM. $400 a gallon gas. Why are we paying that much in Afghanistan and why are some Congressmen fighting the pentagon on cheaper alternatives?



MARKETING FAIL OF THE DAY: Someone at Adidas really, really climbed aboard the failboat. Mercy.

'MURICA! Once again people, we do NOT call 911 when things don't go our way at your local sammich shop.

NATURE IS SO BITCHIN: Our problems with plastic might just be taken care of thanks to a newly discovered fungus in the Amazon.



YOUR INTERNATIONAL DISAGREEMENT OF THE DAY: The Pemon indians of Venuzuela want their rock back. It's no ordinary rock. The problem is, the 35 ton rock is currently in a sculpture garden in Germany.

THE DUMBEST MAN IN THE WORLD: It should come as no surprise that he is running for office. Also, he's famous for being a non-plumber plumber. And he is dumb as a box of rocks. Unfortunately for all of us, he is not alone.

OH THAT'S NASTY: There are no words.