Putting the GIF in TGIF

Friday's are always animated 'round these parts. SPINNING:


NO REASONABLE ACTIONS: This is what has finally convinced thenanigans that the NRA has no moral standing to be included in any policy conversations about gun safety in America. None. Zilch. Zee-ro. They are steadfast in their opposition to even the most universally approved suggestions.

THENANIGANS UPDATE: Chick-Fil-A dials back on the corporate endowed h8. Not that thenanigans has the calorie allowance for that kind of grub.

CHINA HEARTS HACKING: They still don't get the whole "playing nicely with others" thing. This is something they are doing with regularity. And this is a huge problem for America since they are about to become our #1 trade partner. Economics will undoubtedly outweigh our ability to protect our virtual borders.



GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS: The noxious concept of independent contractors is a sad statement on Corporate America's ability to bring the workforce to its knees. One woman did something rather remarkable about it. 

YOUR NEW W2: Want to know the value of your workplace-provided insurance (for those people fortunate enough to get it)? Peep your W2. As part of the Affordable Care Act, this is something that is on W2's going forward.

THE AMERICAN TALIBAN: The latest example comes courtesy of Brooklyn, New York. This is troubling, to say the least.



DAS COOKIE MONSTER: He's alive and well and ransoming in Germany.

POPULAR MECHANICS WANTS TO KNOW: Is your house trying to kill you? This is neither hyperbole or rhetorical. You have been warned.

THENANIGANS UPDATE No. 2: Not only was that "man of the cloth" who stiffed a waitress on a tip cheap, he is a vindictive dick.