For Sale By Owner

WHEREVER I LAY MY HEAD... thankfully%2C+there+were+no+clip-ons+in+sight.(source)

SHAMELESS PLUG OF THE DAY: Looking for your new home sweet home?

THE EVOLUTION OF CHARLES DARWIN: He was doing some fairly creepy work at the end of his life. And some people are seeing it through.

RIGHT THEN...pills it is.



NO MO ACHOO?  Did Finnish scientists just discover a cure for all allergies?

TATTOOS ARE SO BEEN THERE DONE THAT: Hipsters have moved on to new ways to keep themselves from gainful employment. *

HISTORICAL COLD CASE OF THE DAY: It turns out that the dingo done did it.


SKEETER SEASON: If you think things are bad right now (and all indications show that this is going to be a particularly nasty season for biting insects), were it not for the dinosaurs, things would be a whole lot worse.

CONTEST OF THE DAY: A whole box of summer fun for guys could be yours.

WHAT AMERICAN DREAM? While the pachyderms in Washington DC fight for tax refunds for their big donors, this has happened to the middle class. How's that Tea Party stuff working out for you?



I'LL DRINK TO THAT: Tasty summer cocktail recommendations from thenanigans favorite bartender.

THERE ARE TERRIBLE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD: And a particularly reprehensible group is running Syria. This cannot continue.

CHUTZPAH: This jagweed has it in abundance. Sheesh.



OH THAT'S NASTY: Did you lose something?

CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? Nobody wins when Mr. Yummy and Mr. Whippy exchange fisticuffs.


*For the record,  thenanigans has its share of ink.