A Parade of Dumbasses with a video bonus.


ECONOMIC INSECURITY: The "let them eat cake" crowd is beginning to get nervous. Thenanigans believes this to be progress.

THANKS BUTT NO THANKS: We know that the research shows this to be acceptable. We read the article. Twice. But the thought of having a lung transplant come from a pack-a-day smoker still seems, uh, nasty. Of course, we haven't ever been in the situation where we need a transplant of this nature to survive so we realize our opinion doesn't amount to a hill of  cigarette butts.

TIME TO HIT THE COIN STAR? Do you have $218 in your checkbook balance? Congratulations! You have more $ than Zimbabwe. 


THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN: Big Pharma wants you to pay more for your meds. Again.

IF YOU READ ONLY ONE STORY ABOUT HERMITS TODAY...make it this one. The takeaway? A family in Siberia has lived in isolation for generations. They didn't know about WWII.

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU PLAYED TAG? These guys have been playing the same game for 20+ years.



Now available: manly scented soaps for your manly hands. Among the varieties not shown, Top Soil, Cash, Margarita, Baseball glove, Bacon, Bonfire, Cedar, Beer, Brewed Coffee, Nag Champa and many more. Thenanigans is going to grab a couple bars from Etsy maker Adam Anderson of Lincoln Nebraska and treat his palms and digits in the very near future.

PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE ASSHAT OF THE DAY: Just because you wear a particular type of collar doesn't mean you get to be a dick. 

THE EXPLODING MANHOLE MYSTERY: One of the most famous photos on the interwebs gets fact checked. This is pretty interesting and amusing.

DUMBASSES ON PARADE: Here and here and here and here and here and here. We could play this game all damn day.