Black cats, goblin sharks and gorilla paws.

NOT SHOPPED: The most bad-ass big cat ever? once+you+go+black...(source)

This here kitteh is not sporting a new dye job. It has melanism - it is the opposite of albinism. Whatever it is, this lion is about as awesome as it gets.

VENUS TRANSIT: This is pretty amazing...

SUPER VOLCANO: Oh crap. Considering where I live, I do NOT like these odds.  NOT AT ALL.

CONSEQUENCES: That'll teach him...



GOBSTOPPED: I have no words. No words at all. None. My cat would pull a Pet Sematary, track me down, gouge my eyes out, and leave me for dead if I pulled this stunt.  Thenanigans does not approve. Mostly.

THIS IS HELPFUL: Guys, it's that time of the year when it can be warm if not hot during the days but cool at night. What to wear? Here you go!

IT'S SMOG OF YOUR BUSINESS...China is getting it's panties in a wad over the coverage of their really bad and horrible air quality. They are definitely not ready for the world circa 2012.



This is the goblin shark. It's a nasty looking beastie that lives in deep waters off the coast of Japan. Want to see what it can do with it's jaws? Sure you do.