No Church In The Wild.

THE LAST OUTPOST: it+could+be+worse(source)

HISTORY'S MYSTERIES: Looks like we can put to bed the whole "where did Amelia Earhart end up" question, thanks to a newly discovered jar of anti-freckle creme.

GOVERNMENT WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Someone at the Centers for Disease Control has a sense of humor. This right here gets the thumbs up from thenanigans.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: "No Church In The Wild."  Warning - some language not safe for work.

Frank Ocean is the guy who is singing the hook on this track from one of my favorite albums from last year - Kanye West and Jay-Z's Watch The Throne.

MY WORST NIGHTMARE: Oh hells no. Nope. Not-uh.

THIS IS NOT A MIRACLE: It is merely a sign that you need to clean your crappy sty.

CLIMATE CHANGE COMES TO THE TUNDRA: No, not the pick-up truck. The creation of forests where once was scrub brush is actually a bad thing.



WHAT? No pic-a-nic basket? Once again, nature steps up and delivers the gruesome, this time with a karmic twist.

WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER TABLE: Hey look! There are a couple new elements for you to learn about and immediately forget. Both are super-heavy.

D'OH: The people that make their business selling high school kids rings and providing diplomas and such might just need to go back to school themselves.



QUANTUM OF WTH? What if effects happened before causes? No more what if's.  My brain might have just exploded.

BLOGFOOD UPDATE: The guy who had his face eaten off had been written off for dead by his family some 30 years ago. Imagine their surprise...

CONSPIRACY OF THE DAY: About the recent examples of zombie-like shenanigans: is the bath-salts explanation a cover up for a real viral outbreak. Or is it just all just a marketing stunt for some movie or book?