Putting the GIF in TGIF.

FRIDAYS ARE ALWAYS ANIMATED 'ROUND THESE PARTS! IT'S ALL HAPPENING AT THE ZOO: Thenanigans is proud to be a board member for Zoo Boise. Zoo Boise is leading the way in how zoos re-think their roles in conservation.



IT'S OFFICIAL: The zombie apocalypse is underway. Gray-shuss.

WORST. IPO. EVER. If your financial expert bought into this fiasco, I'd be looking for a new financial expert. Seriously. Also, thanks to my pal over here, told you so.

OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS: I wonder if God finds this funny?



CONSEQUENCES: The Susan G Komen foundation really stepped in it.

I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS: About that so-called war on religion...

WATB's: Throw a handful of these criminals in jail already.



UH...I don't EVEN want to know.

HIPSTER MOVEMENT OF THE DAY THAT I WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN: Reprimitivism. And I'm fully aware that this puts me at odds with the family motto. Also, it will make things more difficult for me when civilization comes crashing down around us.

WE ARE EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH: This is why we're fat.



TOURIST ATTRACTION OF THE DAY: Thenanigans' dad used to guide tours here. And yes, there were incidents. This place was a continual source of fascination for thenanigans as a kid.

ADORABLE OVERLOAD OF THE DAY: Piglet in boots. If this doesn't make you smile, you are inanimate.

SUPERHERO OF THE DAY: Points to Marvel for this. Great story.



Where can I get one of these kittehs?