The All American Wedding, Manhattanenge and the little slinky that could.

AMERICAN WEDDING: tornado%21(source)

This seems to me to be about as American as it gets. A Kansas wedding photographer captures a tornado in the background of one couple's big moment. This is lovely.

THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN. And of course it just has to be in Florida. Gruesome business, this. Once upon a time, this kind of thing would have been blamed on PCP. Today it appears that "bath salts" is to blame. Nasty. Also, this.

THE BUTLER DID IT: The Pope's personal butler is in a whole lot of trouble. Who doesn't love some awesome Vatican intrigue?



DRUNK DRIVER OF THE DAY: Congratulations Mister Jerald Reiter of Cascade, Iowa. That's some mugshot you've got there. Also, zebra and parrot. BONUS: Points for the name of the bar he was busted in front of.

TWEET OF THE DAY: This cannot be a good thing.

MANHATTANENGE: It's a thing. And I'd like to experience it just once.


THENANIGANS UPDATE: That weird brown rubber looking sea creature that was caught on film not too long ago? Scientists believe they figured out what it is, by it's nads.

THIS WILL COME AS A SURPRISE TO WHOM? The man that runs the "Fair and Balanced" network is a bald faced liar.

D'OH! Sorry about your kitchen.

AD CAMPAIGN OF THE DAY: We are eating ourselves to death. This is something.


THEN THERE'S THIS: The big restaurant conglomerates don't want you to know what you are eating. What are they afraid of?

THE OLYMPICS: It doesn't seem like it's even about the actual games anymore. This makes me want to go out of my way to not purchase anything from these sponsors. And frankly, I don't think that this will be too hard. Also, London...what the hell?