Putting the GIF in TGIF!

Fridays are always animated 'round these parts! ALL THE KINGS HORSES AND ALL THE KINGS MEN:


GOOD NEWS! There is an obvious solution to the nation's fiscal crisis. BAD NEWS: Congress is ignoring it.

FAIR AND BALANCED...and misinformed. But this is nothing new.

YES PLEASE: I'll take one in large for anyone feeling so inclined. Thank you. Thank you very much.



TEBOW TIME? Not so much.

CLASS REUNION M.I.A. OF THE DAY: Hey, at least he updated his CV.

OH CRAP: This is just not something you want to have happen during your morning constitutional. It will be hard not thinking about this next time I am up in Atlanta, Idaho enjoying the great outdoors.



YOU CAN'T SPELL CRAZY WITHOUT AZ: Seriously, what in tarnation is going on there? Arizona is just about to lap Florida in the "what the hell is going on department." Then there's this.

THE DUMBING DOWN OF CONGRESS: This is rather depressing. Not surprising, just, you know, ugh.

CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN? Once upon a time, same sex marriage was a Christian rite. So, yeah.



COMING TO A MAMMARY GLAND NEAR YOU: Motorboating will never be the same again. Diggity.

THE INTERWEBS IS FOREVER: Some people just don't seem to get it. And I for one am grateful.

OOPS, NEVERMIND: This revelation has created no small amount of controversy. Plus, duh.



NO WONDER THEY ARE LOSING MARKETSHARE: I used to respect Hewlett Packard. A lot. My parents were early employees there. Many of my family members worked there. I have amazing memories of going to company picnics as a kid in Little Basin, California. So it is with great pain that I read about how they run things today. It's a bit shameful, really.

I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH THIS: Pakistan has proven time and time again recently, that they are not really our friends. Congress is starting to pay attention. This is a start.

GOOD NEWS: We don't get enough of it, which is why this story is do dang heartwarming.



Then, there's this (cannot be unseen).